Tax, Tips and Traps is a marketing solution for busy accountants looking to connect with their clients regularly by providing valuable and timely information.

Count on the Video Tax News Editorial Board to curate the most critical and practical tax updates specifically for owner-managers and high-net-worth individuals into a concise brandable newsletter.


  • Builds client relationships – This newsletter provides current, practical, efficient and standardized way to inform clients of new programs, trends and projects. Proactive education is much better than fixing mistakes or missing opportunities.
  • Attracts new clients – Easy-to-understand and engaging articles will attract potential clients.
  • Saves you time – Curating, writing, editing and formatting tax content takes valuable time. We take care of that for you.
  • Ensures Reliability – Tax, Tips and Traps will be distributed on time, without question, so that you can focus on your business and client deliverables.

A 1-year subscription includes:

  • Five brandable Tax, Tips and Traps newsletters (4-5 pages each) provided in Word and PDF formats.
  • An advisor’s resource summarizing the source information to confidently answer inquiries from clients pertaining to the Tax, Tips and Traps newsletter.
  • A license to post on your website and distribute to your current and potential clients.
  • Clear instructions on how to add your logo and convert the newsletter to PDF for distribution.

Publication Schedule

Newsletters are released in conjunction with the most crucial tax planning periods:

  • 1st Quarter - released January 15 (personal tax season kick-off)
  • 2nd Quarter - released May 15 (before the summer holidays)
  • 3rd Quarter - released August 15 (back to business)
  • 4th Quarter - released October 15 (year-end planning)
  • Year-end - released early December (special year-end tax planning guide).

The Year-end issue includes a brandable personal tax checklist. This checklist, outlining the updated considerations and documents required for an efficient tax season, is an excellent client resource to distribute in preparation for the personal tax season.

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$415 /1-year subscription (5 issues)

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Short of time? Add your letterhead to the Tax, Tips and Traps newsletter and distribute the practical and timely information with confidence.

More elaborate marketing strategy? Use this content in the formats that works best for you – website, blogs, social media as well as email – the possibilities are vast!